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Appropriate use of PTA Funds

This article was written by Illinois PTA Treasurer (2010-2011), Rhonda Jenkins.

Appropriate Use of PTA Funds

Important Papers each Treasurer should Keep on File

1. Copy of your Bylaws

2. Proof of Insurance – Member Certificate of Insurance

Paid an Independent Contractor more than $600 this year?

Form 1099-misc

This needs to be picked up at a CPA’s office or at the Federal Building  – IRS Tax Office at 380 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903. Directions to the Federal Building on Westminster Street. Why can’t you download?  Because it is a form you need to fill out in triplicate and send a portion to the IRS, a portion to the person you are reporting on and keep one for your files.  This needs to be postmarked by January 31st.


IRS website downloadable form

Records Retention Schedule

Records Retention Schedule

Click here for more information.

Sample Budget

The budget is a MUST! Click here for a sample budget.

Sample Financial Review Letter

Click here for a sample financial review letter.

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