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Beginnings of
The Rhode Island Branch of
The National Congress of Parents and Teachers
Organized & Chartered 1909
  • Incorporated 1921

  • At the invitation of the Providence Mother’s Club, representatives from fourteen clubs in the city of Providence met in the Classical High school, Friday, January 22, 1909 to consider organization of a State Congress of Mothers.  Forty-three delegates, representing twelve hundred and sixty members, responded to the roll call and there were present many women prominent in the educational circles of the state.

  • Those present at the meeting expressed their firm conviction that if the proposed Congress were organized it would establish a power for the good of the child such as the state had never felt.  Miss Abby Marlatt, founder of the Providence Mother’s Club believed that the Congress would help mothers and teachers to solve their many problems and be a great aid to all Mother’s Clubs. Upon motion by Miss Marlatt, it was voted that a Rhode Island Congress of Mothers be formed.

  • The temporary chairman, Mrs. Thaddeus J Hayden, appointed a committee to draw up a Constitution and By-Laws.  The chair also appointed a nominating committee.

  • The first meeting of the permanent organization was held in Classical High School, March 12, 1909.  The Constitution and By-Laws were adopted as presented by the committee and officers elected including Mrs. Louis L. Angell as President.  Important Events of Mrs. Angell’s term included a campaign started to reduce the terrible death rate of infant mortality in Providence.  The Committee on Child Hygiene and committee of Child Labor became very active.

  • The Rhode Island Congress of Mothers was admitted to membership in the National Congress of Mothers and Parent –Teacher Associations in January 1910.

  • The first annual meeting of the Rhode Island Congress of Mothers and Parent- Teacher Associations was held on April 22, 1910 in Providence.

 As Recorded in the permanent records of Rhode Island PTA.

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